Circumventing Internet Censorship

Some countries block access to the RFA websites. Learn how to circumvent this censorship, or receive information through an e-newsletter bringing news directly to your email.
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As the governments of more countries use technology to block their citizens' access to certain Web sites on the Internet, you might encounter difficulty visiting the RFA sites.

A variety of tools exist for users to overcome Internet censorship. However, no circumvention method is perfect and a user should explore and consider the risks before using any tools. No tool can guarantee your privacy and anonymity.  Some of the available tools can be found at:

One of the most popular, though not secure, ways to avoid Internet censorship is to use proxy servers. All major browsers support the use of proxies through the settings or preferences menu.

You can get updated proxy information sent to you automatically by sending an e-mail to

A CGI proxy will also allow a user to access any Web site using the server of a different Web site. Once again this method has very limited identity protections for users. A search engine offers additional information on the quickest means to utilize a CGI proxy.

Tools are also available for certain mobile devices.  Android users can download Orbot and Orweb to bypass censorship on their mobile device.

You can also get the news via e-mail. Several of our news services distribute their stories via e-mail newsletter. It is important to note that this method will not prevent the government from knowing the content you are receiving. Use the links below to sign up:

Cantonese newsletter: Register here or write to
Korean newsletter: Register here or write to
Mandarin newsletter: Register here or write to
Uyghur newsletter: Register here or write to
Vietnamese newsletter: Register here or write to

You can also share information on the web sites that are blocked on your computer. One service available is

If you wish to share information about ways to overcome Internet censorship, write to us at

Please consider sending an encrypted email to RFA's PGP Key is OEFE8121 and can also be found here.

For more information on PGP Keys, see:





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