The United Nations on April 1 announced a global partnership in which Chinese tech firm Tencent will host and provide technical support for large-scale online global dialogue -- including on the coronavirus -- through Tencent's VooV Meeting, WeChat Work, and Tencent Artificial Intelligence Simultaneous Interpretation. The firm has a history of collaborating with Chinese state monitoring and censorship.

China Takes Coronavirus Blame Game Into Conspiracy Theory Territory

China’s propaganda drive to rewrite the narrative surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak took a bizarre turn this week when a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, tweeted that “it might be the US army” that brought the coronavirus to China.

The World Owes Us Gratitude

China's state media, initially on the defensive for a perceived slow response to the coronavirus epidemic, now tells the world to thank China for curbing its spread.

U.S. Does Away With Preferential "Developing Country" Treatment of China in Trade

The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) this month revised its criteria in measuring emerging economies, removing China from its list of "developing countries" eligible for preferential treatment in trade matters.

Chinese see red at the Red Cross over Wuhan outbreak

A livestreamed video of a man loading protective masks into black government vehicle next to a Red Cross warehouse in Wuhan sparked outrage online in China, where the coronavirus outbreak has tested public faith in their government.

China's "Chairman of Everything" becomes the king of viruses.

China's response to the coronavirus epidemic has rare drawn criticism of Xi Jinping's top-down leadership style.

Tsai Wins Landslide Victory in Taiwan Voters' Rebuke to China

President Tsai Ing-wen swept to a landslide victory in Taiwan's presidential elections over a candidate favored by Beijing, in a campaign marked by threats, infiltration and saber-rattling by China.

Top Chinese Universities Remove “Freedom of Thought” From Charter

Dozens of students staged a rare protest at Shanghai’s Fudan University against the amended charter. Fudan removed references to academic freedom and replaced them with a pledge of loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

China Hosts Global Lawyers Forum While Detaining Dozens of Rights Lawyers

Yu Yan, the wife of detained rights lawyer Yu Wensheng, has called on forum delegates to speak out about her husband’s detention.

Beijing Orders Government Offices to Remove Foreign Computers, Software

The move is part of a campaign to increase China’s reliance on home-grown technologies.

U.S. Congress Passes Bills to Protect Human Rights in Hong Kong, Xinjiang

Beijing has attacked the bills, saying they interfere in China’s internal affairs.

Record Election Turnout Sweeps Hong Kong Democrats to Victory

Pro-democracy candidates won an overwhelming majority of the district council seats up for grabs in Sunday’s vote.

China Condemns U.S. Law Protecting Human Rights in Hong Kong

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which requires an annual review of Hong Kong’s human rights situation and sanctions against officials linked to rights abuses in the city. Beijing has threatened retaliation if President Trump signs the bill into law.

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