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Radio Free Asia is available on the go on your mobile device. You can now get the latest news and full extent of information from RFA directly on your phone or tablet.

Features include:

  • Customization for 10 international languages and dialects including English
  • Enjoy photos, audio, video and text content.
  • Get through Internet blocking with the integrated proxy*
  • Get breaking news notifications
  • Save download time and data costs with the Low-Bandwidth Mode in the settings
  • Save content in your favorites for offline reading, watching, and listening
  • Customize navigation items and order
  • Share your favorite content via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other platforms

* Available for Android devices only: Get Psiphon here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/q1zc-evc7-flev/en/download.html#direct., then enable Pshiphon proxy usage in RFA’s Android app settings.

Plus many more features and updates coming soon!

Have any problems or suggestions for the apps?

Please let us know: rfaapps@gmail.com

Download the RFA Android app APK

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Don't have a smart phone? No problem. We also offer a simple text app that will download RFA news content to your feature phone. Try it now!


The official, free RFA news application serves the most up to date and accurate news from around the world to your Java mobile phones.

Download from Opera Store

Download from GETJAR

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